What Koleso is?
Imagine, that you need to make a full rebranding for the company.
Or you want to create a signature packaging for your amazing product. Or you desire to show your aspiration to be eco conscious.

Any of this sounds like it is for you?
This is what we all about in Koleso. Just ask us anything you want!

Our specialities are designing and producing printed goods, polygraphy, branded products for hotels, restaurants and bars.

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Koleso's main advantage is versatility. We know not only how to create impressive design but also how to make it work in life.

Every design we create can be brought to life. That is possible because alongside with designs we also handle production. No far from reality fantasies! Get your ready to made designs for printed goods, souvenirs and packaging!

Throughout years and years we helped to open dozens of hotels and bars across Asia and East Europe and keep expanding to new markets. The portfolio of partners includes both worldwide known brands and small independant hotels.

We are proud to be trusted for brand localization for such names as ibis, Novotel, Adagio, Mercure, Mövenpick, Pullman, including creation of localized fonts for complete integration of the brand to the region.

Alongside with designing of goods according to brand standards we also creating all new logos, brand identities, graphic standards for companies of HoReCa: restaurants, hotels, bars.
There is no thing too small. When guest enters the hotel he recognizes brand with banners, marketing leaflets, totems, key cards that can be with magnet stripe or RFID Mifare chip including Vingcard lock system. Card holders, vouchers for a welcome drink, survey blanks — all of it guest sees at the check-in. Card holder can be made with different shape for any budget. Full range of card holder designs you may ask us here. Bill folders and check envelopes, guest books, report blanks, name cards, carbonless paper — all of it Koleso makes for partner hotels.
For restaurants Koleso offers bill folders, wine cards, coasters made of inexpensive carton, or amazing cotton paper, silicone, PU or leather. Placemats with logo, glasses, craft take-away packaging and boxes, resistant for grease paper with logo for burgers and sandwitches, pizza boxes, macarons, bakery, cakes, ecological craft bags with logo. It is a one stop shopping with Koleso for all your branded needs!
Почему выбирают нас
Большинство наших партнеров — постоянные клиенты
Многие из которых более 10 лет.
В нашей команде дизайнеры различных направлений, инженеры-конструкторы, печатники с многолетним опытом. Наши менеджеры с радостью проконсультируют и помогут с выбором подходящих материалов и технологий.
Мы любим свою работу! С гордостью демонстрируем креативные проекты, уникальные разработки и продукцию, выполненные нашей командой.
Страсть к работе
Гибкие условия оплаты, постоплата для постоянных клиентов. Возможность выбора поставки как с НДС, так и по упрощенной системе налогообложения. Оплата по безналичному расчету и картами.
Удобные условия
Более 15 лет мы оказываем свои услуги. Наши постоянные клиенты ценят то, как легко обновить, добавить или повторить заказ. Даже спустя годы.
Ежедневно доставляем по Санкт-Петербургу, Москве и всей территории России. Экономичная грузовая и курьерский экспресс. Поставки из стран Азии.
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Постоянно анализируя рынок и следуя мировым тенденциям мы предлагаем оптимальное соотношение цены, качества и сроков производства и поставки в любую точку.
Мы горды каждым, кто доверяет нам свои проекты.
Присоединяйтесь и вы!
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г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Черняховского 39
+7 812 458 07 02 | office@koleso.cc
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