Not a single hotel can do without cardholders for key cards. This material not only allows the guest to conveniently store the room key during the entire stay at the hotel but can also contain a lot of useful information such as room number, dates of stay and check-out time, Wi-Fi password, information about restaurants, bars, SPA area of the hotel, their phone numbers and operation hours, as well as breakfast information. Often the address and contact details of the hotel are also placed on the pockets so the guest can quickly find their hotel.

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Key Cardholders

What it is?
Key card folder for hotels

In more than 15 years we have produced hundreds of thousands of different key pockets. Perhaps, it is the most frequently ordered item from the printing industry for hotels. Most often, key folders are made of coated paper with a density of 200-250 g, but they can also be
of eco-friendly kraft cardboard or stone paper that is not afraid of moisture and does not use cellulose in its manufacture.
In five-star hotels, you can often see cardholders made of design paper.

And the most economical is the design,
in which glue is not required, and the key is inserted into a special cut out slots.

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Are there more cardholders exist?
In addition to dozens of options for key pockets that can be given to guests upon check-in at the hotel, we are also ready to offer you branded key holders for distribution as souvenirs. Available in silicone for sticking to your phone, in faux leather or genuine leather for storing bank cards, and Magsafe pockets for use with iPhone.
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